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I prioritize person-first language, student-centered learning and educational technology.


I have written education content for a variety of esteemed websites and online journals. As a former award-winning teacher, I prioritize producing content that supports both students and teachers. Today, I continue to be passionate about lifelong learning. Ask me any of your questions via email.


SmartBrief Education

"Dig deeper into the trending education industry news with Smartbrief. Read up on the stories behind the headlines with education news from industry experts."

Andrea Marshbank wrote the following article:

5 Ways to be a Good Teacher Leader

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"Born from the belief that no one knows teaching like teachers, Teacher2Teacher is a growing community of teacher-produced resources."

Andrea Marshbank wrote the following article:

My "Things to do Better Next Year" List

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Chippewa River Writing Project

"The Chippewa River Writing Project is a site of the National Writing Project at Central Michigan University."

Andrea Marshbank wrote the following article:

Who Can You Trust?: Teaching Online Research Literacy

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The Current

"​​The Current is an open publishing site of Educator Innovator—powered by the National Writing Project—and provides a forum for the sharing of resources and stories about what we as educators are observing, doing, and reflecting upon related to Connecting Learning and teaching."

Andrea Marshbank wrote the following article:

The Thing to Remember About Conferences


Kansas English

"​​Kansas English is the online educator journal published by the Kansas Association of Teachers of English. "

Andrea Marshbank wrote the following article:

Speak, Trigger Warnings, and Listening to Student Needs

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